About Wai-Wize

WAI-WIZE I, LP, a Telecommunication System Integration Company began in 1985. It now has over 20 years of experience providing systems integration services around the country. Our mission is to offer a low risk, reliable, high quality and cost effective solution. We provide quality service to our strategic partners.

We have a transitional history which began in 1990 when Global Electro-Comm. Inc. created a holding company for the sake of doing commercial business. Our strategy at the time was to separate our commercial business from our government related businesses.

During the fourth quarter of 1993, Global Integrated Systems, Inc. Formerly known as Global Electro-Comm. Inc. divested itself of Global Electro-Comm. Holding Company Inc. and its subsidiaries, as part of a major restructuring, in order to enhance our ability to compete more effectively in target markets. Also during this time, Global Integrated Systems Inc. established a System Integration facility (laboratory and warehouse) as part of a testing and kitting operation for GPS/AVL Systems.

In 1999 Global Integration Systems was sold to Wire America Inc. and became its Integration Division.

In 2002, Wire America spun off its Integration Division into a separate entity. This entity was merged with Wize Communication to become “WAI-WIZE I, LP”.

Under our current structure, we offer versatile experience in project management, systems design / engineering, operational support and installation, testing and turn up. We also provide marketing expertise to our partners.

WAI-WIZE is considered a valuable partner because we have experience in federal, state, local government, as well as the private sector. Our resume’ varies from vertical market experience with hospitals, federal prisons, school districts, parking management and international airports.

National opportunities have taken WAI-WIZE to Denver, Baltimore, Atlanta, Houston and other cities around the country. While based in Dallas, WAI-WIZE has the capabilities to perform anywhere we can provide value and cost effective services.