City of Dallas

WAI-WIZE provided field supervision for the deployment of a new Astro 25 digital radio system that is APCO Project 25 compliant. The deployed system consisted of an Astro 25 Master Site which provides the main control, configuration, monitoring, and routing for the new digital system. Also included was the deployment of a remote Astro 25 IP Simulcast subsystem/site and an IP based console position.

This new system utilized the existing Communications Building located at 3131 Dawson St. to house the master site, simulcast prime site and a collocated simulcast remote RF site. The existing tower locatedd at this site was re-used to mount the required antenna systems for the new RF site. The existing location at Florina was used to house the remaining simulcast remote site. The equipment at this site utilized the existing 800 MHz antenna systems.

The new IP-based console position was housed at the existing City Hall dispatch center. This new console position was connected to the Master Site located at Dawson St. through a pair of T1 links. The City of Dallas will be responsible for providing T1 connections between these two sites.

This deployment also included UPS equipment. Generators, shelters, and HVAC for the Dawson St. Florina, and the City Hall dispatch center were re-used.