Dallas County

WAI-WIZE was contracted by Dallas County Department of Health and Human Services (DCHHS) to perform a study in preparation for a potential bio-terrorism event (Bio-T). The initial study defined as Phase I, called for WAI-WIZE to perform a detailed analysis of the DCHHS's existing wired voice, wired data and wireless communications equipment and facilities.

The intent of the analysis was to define potential network deficiency that could compromise DCHHS communications during a Bio-T). The final deliverable for this study would be a report of the findings, as well as recommended improvements that would maximize DCHHS's network service availability during a Bio-T event. This project was part of a Center for Disease Control and Texas Department of Health Homeland Security Project.

The long-term plan is to define a regional network infrastructure that ensures effective and reliable communications connectivity among public health departments, health care organizations, law enforcement organizations, public officials, hospitals, pharmacies, fire departments, 911 centers and 90% of the population on a 24/7 basis.