Federal Bureau of Prisons

WAI-WIZE was contracted for the provisions of services to install, test and commission trunked and conventional two-way radio systems.

WAI-WIZE has implemented both the analog and digital versions of the Motorola product lines. Radios implemented consist of MSF-5000 analog repeaters as well as Quantar and Quantro digital repeaters. These systems have ranged in size from 2-channel UHF to 7-channel UHF, all with a single VHF base station. Also included with these systems are a tower/antenna system, combiner/multicouplers, Centracom Console positions, a Central Electronic Bank (CEB), MTS hand held portables and Spectra mobile radios. Work included the integration and onsite installation of Motorola radio systems, UPS, iron-work, halo ground and all associated signal and power cabling into portable shelters. Fourteen FBP locations are complete or in process.

Communications provided by the new radio systems allow the Command Center Console Operator to talk with mobile and portable radios, in addition to the U.S. Marshall's (In-mate bus) within the compound and to a predefined distance from the compound. Portable to portable (and/or mobile) radio communications are greatly enhanced through the use of the new repeater system, which re-broadcasts at much higher power levels, allowing communications within and around the compound to approximately fifteen miles. Since radio transmissions on the new system are addressable by talk group or individual ID, private and/or group communications are the normal method of operation, resulting in a listener perceived reduction of radio traffic to "filter through".

The "body alarms" provided by the new system are radio specific, allowing for quick identification of the unit in need of assistance. Additionally, when a "body alarm" is activated, immediate aural communication between the console operator and the downed person is available through the priority voice channel.