WAI-WIZE has teamed with Westinghouse/Raytheon, to install, test and turn up approximately (2,000) GPS/AVL equipped vehicles at various transit authorities and bus companies. WAI-WIZE used staff on various day and night shifts so that vehicles were not kept out of service.

WAI-WIZE used its GPS expertise to trouble shoot and solve timing and delay problems for vehicles communication to the dispatch center. Required was expertise in the technology of all parts of the system, including an understanding of each subassembly. Subassemblies included mobile radios, power conditioners, GPS receivers, modems, control heads, J1708 interconnect boxes, odometer transducers and other miscellaneous cables and connectors.

WAI-WIZE has also used its expertise to design, layout and build cables on the above projects for the harsh environmental conditions of city buses. We also participated in the design of a power filter resulting in noise/EM interface reduction.

For MARTA WAI-WIZE integrated 250 vehicles.