Parkland Hospitals


Specifications were prepared to define all technology requirements for Pakland's new hospital campus.

WAI-WIZE provided services for design of multiple technology systems. Specific included:

  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • GMP Development
  • Construction Documents
  • Bidding and Negociation
  • Construction Administration

Specifically, this design incorporated:

  • IT Infrastructure (Cabling, LAN, Telephone, DAS)
  • A/V Systems (Patient Education, Kiosks, A/V Teleconferecing)
  • Facility Systems (Nurse Call, RTLS/RFID, Paging, Intercom)
  • Security System (Access Control, Infant Protection)
  • Other Systems (Wireless Paging, Two-Way Radio, Digital Signage, BMID)


WAI-WIZE is currently contracted to Perot Systems as part of a five-year outsourcing deal. This project calls for Perot Systems and its partners to take over Parklandís entire IT and telecommunications infrastructure.

This project includes the acquisition of all existing IT and telecommunications hardware, as well as the transition of all existing employees. WAI-WIZE has signed a subcontract with Perot Systems to take over all telecommunications operations which include; a network of fourteen PBX switch locations, a pager network and a cell phone network.

This five-year subcontract includes the transition of all existing telecommunications staff to WAI-WIZE employment.