Triad Hospitals

WAI-WIZE provided service support to Perot Systems to develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) for telecommunication systems at selected TRIAD hospitals. The SOPs were based on facility responses to site survey interview questions for telecom services and follow-up questions. WAI-WIZE also performed assessments of Critical Practices (CP) of TRIAD hospital's telecommunication system.

WAI-WIZE coordinated with sixteen (16) Site Transition Managers (STM) operating telecommunication facilities at fifty-three (53) TRIAD hospitals across the United States.

Telecommunication Due Diligence Questionnaires were provided to the STMs for completion. The questionnaire addressed Site Information; Phone System (support, moves-add-changes, repair, remote systems, inventory, software); Voice Mail; Call Accounting; Telecomm Systems (project, planning); Voice and Data cabling; Local Telephone Services; Long Distance Telephone Services; End-user Training; Cell Phones and Services; Pagers/Beepers and Services; Video Conferencing; Wireless Telephone (hospital); Other Systems Supported.

Data provided by the STMs was analyzed by WAI-WIZE to address overall accuracy and completeness. The STM was then contacted via teleconference to discuss areas of concerns. Subsequent data was later loaded into a Perot System database to undergo an automated Critical Practice Analysis. The automated analysis resulted in a unique site rating of the current state of the telecommunications infrastructure at each TRIAD hospital. Additionally, the database generated a "Perot System-formatted" SOP unique to each TRIAD hospital.